Rainy Day


This scarf is a part of my Natural Collection, created by using all natural dyes and printing leaves using their own dye (tannin). The colours might be more subtle than other dyes, but the patterns are so delicate and intricate, celebrating the beauty of the nature around us. The colours blend and play together in beautiful and sometimes unpredictable ways and every leaf is different! 100% natural silk, very lightweight and semi-transparent.

I couldn’t not place this scarf in any particular season, it’s somewhere between Autumn and Spring colours, with its  shades of dove grey but also hints of leaf and kerry green, as well as mustard and old gold. It’s virtually impossible to control exact colours with this technique but I really love the outcome and its natural feel.

All my scarves have hand-rolled edges that I do myself.

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Iron or not to iron

Iron the scarf on a low setting (one dot) while still damp, or just leave the scarf to dry freely for a bit more rustic feel (and easier care)! I prefer to leave these to just dry because I like the texture, so this is how it will be sent to you, unless otherwise requested.

Creases, spots and specs are part of the design and happen naturally in the process of botanical printing.


Please note that although I do take care to make sure the colours on the photos are as close as possible, they might still vary a bit from what you see on your screen, depending on your device and setting.

Size: 142cm x 45cm

Colours in this scarf

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