Scarves By Colour Season

Have you had your colours analysis done and know what season you are? Most of my scarves are listed by colour seasons, using the right colour range to make it easier for you to choose a scarf that suits you.

Spring colours are warm, light, clear and bright. Often referred to as True colours such as True Primary Red.

Summer colours are cool, blue based. They are soft, blended and muted.

Autumn colours are rich, warm and earthy. Splashes of vibrancy in the form of Orange, Lime & Royal Purple

Winter colours are cool, blue based, deep and bright. They also have splashes of coloured ice.


Colour Analysis is a way of finding out the shades of colour that most harmonise with your natural skin tone. It is often referred to as ‘having your colours done’. It is the process of layering up different coloured drapes to see the effect they have on your skin. Some colours will make you eyes shine bright, make your skin radiant whereas other colours will have the opposite effect and make you look pale, sallow, accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. There are 2 main types of Colour Analysis, Seasonal and Tonal. Seasonal Colour Analysis is the method I have based my scarves on. It is regarded as the most accurate method and drills down your colours to include a sub season.

Accurate Colour Analysis MUST be done in natural daylight, with no make up on, hair covered and be carried out by a trained professional.

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