Please handle with care, silk is a delicate fabric.
If you look after it well it will last you for a long time and keep its beautiful, shiny colours.

You can

  • Hand wash carefully in water no warmer than 30C with only a small drop of a gentle detergent like Woolite, Ecover washing up liquid (yes, it works quite well!) or a baby shampoo. Rinse in cold water and absorb excess water with a towel (carefully). Wet silk is more susceptible to damage
  • Hang to dry freely and away from a direct sunlight. Don’t use cloth pegs as they may leave an imprint. Let it dry naturally, silk dries quickly anyway.
  • Dry clean – only as a last resort measure and not with my Natural Collection.
  • Handle your scarf carefully especially when wet.
  • Iron your scarf after washing it on silk setting (one dot), you will get the best results if the scarf is still a little damp.


  • Don’t wash in a washing machine.
  • Don’t hard rub, it damages the fibres.
  • Never boil, bleach or wring silk.
  • Don’t tumble dry.
  • Don’t dry on a radiator or outside in a direct sunlight.

It’s ok if the first few times you wash your scarf you see a little bit of colour in the water (specially blue and yellow colour can do this). Don’t worry, your scarf won’t loose any brightness. The dye is well inside the fibre and this is just an excess.

From time to time it’s a good idea to rinse in cool water mixed with ¼ cup of white vinegar, to restore the natural ph of silk. It helps to keep the colours bright and removed any detergent residues from the fibres. Make sure you rinse it with clean water afterwards. This is also useful for removing any smells.

My blog is full of a good advice and tips about scarves and wearing them, have a look.

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