The Design

All my scarves have a unique, lovingly developed design, and my method fine-tuned over time. Although I might use the same design on more than one scarf, it will never be exactly the same, everything is hand-drawn and placed differently and the colours will vary as well. I don’t use any stencils and I don’t print anything, everything is completely handmade.

In my scarf designs I am looking for organic subjects and feel, interesting textures and beautiful colour combinations. I am not interested in creating crisp “colour between the lines” designs, I like a bit of quirkiness and personality. I want it to feel natural.


The Materials

I use quality 100% natural silk which I purchase by meter. I do the hand-rolled edges myself, I feel I can achieve a lot better result this way. I usually work on very lightweight and semi-transparent Habotai silk, I have two weights available, although I could offer a heavier weight on request. The silk I use is really soft and feels very comforting, breathable and kind to your skin.

I use steam-fixed dyes, the best on the market, light-fast and vivid. These dyes bond with the silk fibre, rather than staying on top like some other types. The colours really are this bright and need no Photoshop enhancement!


I was born in Prague, Czech republic, but have been living (and creating) in England since spring 2013 and consider it my home now. I have a strong background in art, particularly in oil painting and watercolour sketching. You can have a look at my art website or my wedding sketching project. I am based in Exeter, Devon.

As an artist, I always search for way of creating beautiful things, silk scarves being one of them. I see my silk scarves not just as a fashion item, but as a wearable art as well. I love wearing my scarves too of course, and snatched quite a few just for myself already. 😀

Jana Forsyth


Well… first of all, I love misty mornings! They have always felt a bit mysterious and magical to me. And just like the morning mist, the silk fabric is semi-transparent, revealing things only partly. It’s like a colourful mist around your shoulders or neck.

Misty Morning

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