Luxurious Hand-made Silk Scarves

I hand dye all my silk scarves and draw each one of my patterns free hand, no printing or stencils, apart from my Natural Collection where I print with leaves. I create my own designs inspired by nature, each scarf is a lovingly made original. All scarves have hand-rolled edges, I do them myself to make sure they are up to standard. FREE UK Shipping.

purple blue magenta silk scarf

Comfortingly Soft

I use the best quality steam-set dyes that keep silk wonderfully smooth and nice to touch. There is no substitute for 100% natural silk, itโ€™s as light as a feather and very comfortable to wear. Silk breathes, unlike its artificial substitutes, and is kind to your skin.

In Your Best Colours

You can browse my scarves by your season colours. Although I have a few scarves that don’t fit into these seasons, most are matched.

All Made By Me

Hi, my name is Jana Forsyth.
I am an UK based artist, my background is in painting, but I have a passion for anything beautiful. Many hours go into making sure each scarf is a wonderful piece of art by itself. I am not interested in mass production, I want to create something special and unique, that is a joy to wear and brightens your day!



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